"For sure, Adsumsoft does nothing like anybody else"
Olivier Aichelbaum, Pockett Videogames

Welcome to Adsumsoft!

We are a tiny but dynamic game development and consultancy company based in Singapore and founded by game designer, academic and author Roberto Dillon.

We develop original casual and mobile games for a variety of platforms, as well as experimental and arcade style games for legacy platforms that still have an historical and pedagogycal appeal, like the Commodore 64, serving a niche of very enthusiastic collectors and aficionados.

Besides enjoying our own creations, you can directly tap on our in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge by having us help you in your own projects. If you need help in game systems design, balancing, testing or localization/culturalization services (English to Chinese or other Asian languages) don't hesitate to drop us an email to find out how we can help you deliver the best possible product!

Game under the Spotlight: