Picnic Connection

Top 10 Game in 1 country (Latvia) and Top 100 Family Game in the UK on the AppStore!

"Picnic Connection" is a fast paced "connect the dots" or "flow" type of puzzle where you have to match and link all the different types of food in a way that covers the whole picnic area. More than 1000 tasty levels across small and big areas alike to engage the whole family!

• 1200 levels!
• Colorful graphics and a cheerful soundtrack!
• No ads or in app purchases, ever!
• Easy fun for the whole family!

Released: 2017
Price: $0.99
Platforms: Android

Romeo and Juliet: Run Run!

Romeo and Juliet are on the run to escape the wrath of their families in this hectic runner inspired by Shakespeare's timeless tragedy.
For how long can the two young lovers avoid their tragic fate?
Take control of both characters across different landscapes around the Italian countryside in this endless runner and make them run and jump to meet each other and share a brief moment of happiness while avoiding any incoming hazard.
Hectic fun for 1 or 2 players!

Released: 2017
Price: Free
Platforms: Android

#1 Game in 1 country (Estonia), #1 Kids App (ages 9-11) in 5+ countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Chile, Philippines a.o.) and Top 10 Arcade Game in 10+ countries on the AppStore!

Play as a young Robin Hood in this original platformer completely based on stealth: sneak around, jump on furniture, hide inside alcoves or behind curtains to outsmart the Sheriff's guards and remain invisible also to the townsfolk to become a legend. The game includes 20 carefully crafted levels alternating castles, where you have to steal gold, with humble villages where you have to give the gold back. And don't forget to run away once you have accomplished your task!

Part tower defense, part RTS and part mathematical puzzle, "Defense: Evolution" is a minimalist game of territorial expansion and control based on cellular automata theory that will engage you thanks to its simple yet deep strategical gameplay and high replayability factor!

Can Turky meet his beloved Picky the Peacock for a romantic date?Help Turky the Turkey to escape the clutches of Sly, Foxy and Otto by shifting maze tiles to open new paths and keep your unlikely hero safe. "Turky's Date" is an original puzzle game combining strategic thinking and quick reflexes great for a few minutes of exhilarating fun that will keep you entertained for a long time!

Can Santa deliver all the presents without getting spotted? Hide behind doors, jump on furniture and run as fast as you can to sneak undetected and complete your mission: Christmas has never been so stealthy!

NOTE: This is a small and completely free game as it was actually the prototype of what later became "Robin Hood: Give & Take".

Breakthrough Mayhem

Remember such arcade classics as Atari's Breakout and Taito's Arkanoid? "Breakthrough Mayhem" is a new, exciting take on the brick and paddle genre packed with relentless action from start to finish.
Surrounded by explosive bricks inexorably advancing towards you, move your paddle around the screen to direct a set of powerful marbles and destroy all incoming threats.

Offering two complementary game modes, "Endless" for high score thrill seekers and "Challenge" for gaining extra coins to be used later on power-ups while playing "Endless", "Breakthrough Mayhem" will test your resolve and determination.

Released: 2016
Price: Free
Platforms: Android

Shaken: the Tale of the Swordless Ninja

The evil shogun has murdered all your clan and stolen your family katana that was passed along from generation to generation. Now, swordless, desperate and armed only with your lethal skills plus a bunch of ninja stars (shaken), you have to infiltrate the Shogun headquarter, take back what is yours and get your revenge! Shaken Released: 2014
Price: Free
Platforms: Commodore 64 shaken - C64 tape image file


Horse Master

An innovative and ambitious social network game combining farming gameplay with minigames, competitive action and meaningful social interactions.
In April 2013 it had about 80k MAU, which made it one of the top horse racing games on Facebook, in a close head to head with Ubisoft's Horse Haven.

Horse Master Company: Kentaura
Released: 2012
Our Role: Game Design Lead
Platforms: Facebook

Horse Master: Mobile Edition

The mobile version of Horse Master, integrating the horses from the Facebook game but focused exclusively on an exciting and fast betting experience.
It reached #1 Sports and/or Racing game on the AppStore in 20 countries including Australia. Horse Master iOS Company: Kentaura
Released: 2013
Our Role: Game Design Lead
Platforms: iOS

Final Freeway 2R

A fast and furious old school racing game: 14 different stages, paths to be picked in real time, a stubborn challenger that needs to be taught a lesson, selectable characters and more. Final Freeway 2R by Oyatsukai Company: Oyatsukai
Released: 2013
Our Role: QA
Platforms: Android, iOS

Fractal Combat

An action packed futuristic flight combat game based on suggestive fractal worlds, sporting a wide range of weapons and vehicles to choose from. FractalCombat by Oyatsukai Company: Oyatsukai
Released: 2012
Our Role: QA
Platforms: Android, iOS